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Who we are

http://tommiliving.com/?iids=trading-a-un-minuto&1aa=05 The content on Nonprofit Explore is entirely produced by a team of volunteer editors and writers, all of whom are or have been actively involved in the nonprofit sector in a variety of capacities. Content is also provided by members of the community who are either directly involved in the sector or interested in it.

source The project is assisted by a leadership team comprising the site’s manager and founder and three members of the community who serve as advisory board members, donating their time and wisdom to support the project’s aims and activities. Currently, the board meets informally as required via email, and face-to-face once or twice a year to share in the decision-making process and provide advice and support. In time this arrangement will be formalised via the adoption of a company structure. The editorial team meets weekly to further the work of the site.

Editorial team

go to link Victoria Lister opcje binarne co i jak Victoria Lister
Site Manager & Founder

bookmyforex funding Victoria has a combined 20+ year history in the nonprofit sector – as a president and chair, treasurer, ordinary board member, CEO, business development and marketing manager, project manager, employee and volunteer – and has served as an advisory board member of a government entity in the vocational education and training sector. In 2010 she founded Nonprofit Assist, a sole trader social enterprise providing services to small-to-medium nonprofit organisations and their people.

source She has worked in or with a diverse range of organisations and people – in the aged care, agriculture, arts, business development, community development, community legal services, disability, domestic violence, early childhood, education, employment services, media, refugee services, sporting club, women’s services and youth services sub-sectors and more – providing consulting and advisory services in management, governance, marketing, strategic planning and professional development.

Victoria has a Master of Business in Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies during which time she was a recipient of a Faculty of Business Dean’s Award for Excellence 2009 (for whole-of-degree GPA of 6.25 out of 7 and above); an Australian Centre for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies Alumni Prize for Not-for-profit Governance; a Not-for-Profit Network Prize for Marketing Fundamentals; a Not-for-Profit Network Prize for Not-for-profit Marketing and a George Alexander Foundation Scholarship. She is currently undertaking a Master of Business (Research) degree in the area of Transformative Services Research, a branch of marketing theory that examines marketing in terms of its impact on consumer wellbeing.

Prior to her career in the nonprofit sector, Victoria worked simultaneously as a chef and the owner-operator of a gourmet food manufacturing business, followed by six years as a copywriter in the advertising industry from which time since she has written professionally. In addition to operating Nonprofit Assist – and now, Nonprofit Explore – she also volunteers as the manager, writer and editor on a range of on and off-line projects with a social purpose, particularly in the area of women’s health and wellbeing. Victoria is establishing a clothing business, and is part of a team that has founded a voluntary association for the purpose of providing peer-to-peer support, events and networking opportunities to her research student colleagues within the university system. To find out more about Victoria visit her profile on LinkedIn.  


follow site Megan CairneyMegan Cairney
Contributor & Supporter

Megan has 12 years’ experience in the nonprofit sector – as a charity founder, board member, philanthropist, manager, employee and volunteer. During 2008-2010 she founded and launched The Dodd Foundation, a nonprofit which aimed to prevent under 65s with severe disabilities from entering the aged care system.

She has a Graduate Certificate in Executive Leadership along with a Bachelor of Business Management (International Business) and a Bachelor of Arts (Spanish) from the University of Queensland and is currently working in the area of corporate philanthropy, community development and corporate responsibility. Other than short contract roles in the corporate and government sectors, Megan has spent the majority of her career in the nonprofit sector working in project management, community relations, fundraising, business development, stakeholder engagement and relationship management roles.

Megan volunteers as a founding team member, writer and editor on Nonprofit Explore as it allows her to constructively critique the industry she works in and openly and productively discuss improvements to areas such as credibility, accountability, efficiencies, integrity and health and wellbeing. You can read more about Megan on LinkedIn


http://iviti.co.uk/?vera=coppie-di-valute-nel-forex&d06=b4 Monica HattendorffMonica Hattendorff 
Contributor & Supporter

Monica is a highly qualified nonprofit professional who has been actively engaged in the sector since 2001. Much of her career has been dedicated to caring for people with a disability and the elderly. After commencing her career in a government organisation she transitioned to the nonprofit sector, working in Brisbane, Ipswich and on the Gold and Sunshine Coasts. More recently, Monica has worked as a case manager, supporting clients with organising various aspects of their lives and working with people with very complex needs and situations. Improving her clients’ quality of life is a deep passion.

Monica has a Certificate III in Community Services (Disability Work), a Bachelor of Psychology (Hons) from the University of Southern Qld, is currently completing a Master of Professional Psychology and is a provisionally registered psychologist. Monica plays both the guitar and violin, is a keen amateur gardener and a talented and former professional cook.


Leadership team

Victoria Lister

source site Victoria Lister
Site Manager & Founder



Francis Tybislawski http://creatingsparks.com.gridhosted.co.uk/case-studies/wise-property-care/ Francis Tybislawski
Advisory Board Member

Francis has over 20 years of experience in the communications industry – an ideal environment in which to hone his natural diagnostic, analytical and organisational skills. Working with a small team or working autonomously makes no difference to the quality of the results he is able to generate and continual improvement was, and still is, a watchword. This same ‘Sherlock Holmes’ style of absolute analysis and attention to detail, and a never-ending desire for the truth, existed then as it does now.

Now with seven years in the transport logistics (rail) industry, based both in the field and in a control centre environment, Francis’s dedicated work methodology, absolute attention to detail and on-going willingness to expand and accept new opportunities has seen his natural abilities flourish with rapid advancement to semi-management activities. A desire to fully understand situations, leading on-going, complex investigations, briefing staff and explaining the results are day-to-day activities.

Francis served as a nonprofit board member for many years, overseeing the management of a third party railway owner/operator, and is currently an ordinary member on a body corporate – roles that have provided him with ample opportunity to experience the kinds of issues and challenges that can arise in the nonprofit board room.

He enjoys participation in financial decision-making, exploring organisational activities and growth opportunities and ensuring all discussions and decisions benefit the whole. Ensuring the value of an organisation’s activities and investments are maintained and grown is a key concern. These experiences have advanced his ability to actively discern the best needs and outcomes in a variety of situations.

Francis also manages his own micro-business, taking full responsibility for its financial and physical operations. He is acutely aware that clear, concise communications are vital within all organisations, regardless of size or structure.


Penny Scheenhouwer see url Penelope Scheenhouwer
Advisory Board Member

Penny is a complementary health practitioner with more than 18 years’ experience in her field. A qualified acupuncturist and former life coach working in the health and personal development sector, for the last 12 years Penny has trained in Esoteric Therapies, working as a specialised practitioner in this arena since 2009.

Penny is an engaged community member and brings her wisdom – as well as her time, energy and expertise – to numerous volunteer projects in her field. She is a committee member for her professional association and presents at annual conferences; she has been integral in bringing the modality of Esoteric Chakra-puncture to the world, contributing to the development of the first ever Advanced Diploma of Chakra-puncture so this innovative modality is available to all.

Additionally, Penny was a founding member of and contributor to the community initiative Real Media Real Change, and is a volunteer contributor to the Women in Livingness magazine and supporter of and presenter for the Esoteric Women’s Health initiative. She is currently involved in developing a major social project – a global health and well-being website for women that is a paradigm-changer in women’s health and heralds a deep shift in the way women understand true breast care and true breast health.

Penny also volunteers her services as a practitioner in workplace wellness days in organisations in the human service and nonprofit space, and has served as a member of her local council’s infrastructure planning committee and on fundraising projects at her local school. She is a wife, mother, daughter and friend and an avid lover of people and life – and an avid and interested observer of the nonprofit sector.


Jennifer Ellis

follow link Jennifer Ellis
Advisory Board Member