Nonprofit Assist

Nonprofit Assist

Purpose and approach

Victoria ListerEstablished in 2010 in Brisbane, Australia by nonprofit specialist Victoria Lister, Nonprofit Assist is a social enterprise founded for the express purpose of supporting nonprofit organisations and their people by bringing clarity, simplicity and integrity to the nonprofit table in whatever way it is needed.

It does this by providing a range of professional services – to organisations in the form of strategic planning, advice, marketing, mediation, management, board development services and more; and to the individuals who work or volunteer in them by offering – at work or externally – personal-professional development and support during times of crisis, change or growth.

From time-to-time, Nonprofit Assist also supports micro and small enterprises and people outside the sector. These are usually businesses or entrepreneurs with a strong service orientation.

Pricing policy and charter

Of equal importance? That the services offered by Nonprofit Assist be priced equitably and accessibly for all, affordable for organisations and individuals with a modest budget, yet equally supporting both Nonprofit Assist as a business and Victoria as its proprietor.

This policy has also meant some of Nonprofit Assist’s offerings, such as community presentations and workshops, are able to be accessed by nonprofit people free of charge. It also means the fees for people who need to access professional-personal support services privately are very affordable.

In this way, by supporting the people and organisations who support others, a broader community benefit is felt.

In other words a decision was made, on establishment of the enterprise and in its operation thereafter, that while it would need to be viable and support its owner, it was never for personal gain. Whilst it is a trading entity, it is first and foremost a profit-for purpose enterprise in which the majority of its earnings are retained for further support its clients and expanding its charter.

In other words, the Nonprofit Assist aim – to bring clarity, simplicity and integrity to organisations and people with a strong service orientation and thus to the broader community – lies fully outside the bounds of self-interest.

Expanding the charter

An expansion of the aims of Nonprofit Assist occurred in 2015, when the enterprise extended its activities to include Nonprofit Explore, a website entirely funded and produced by Nonprofit Assist for the purpose of providing a global platform for the presentation and discussion of matters related to the nonprofit sector and all its sub-sets, including charitable organisations.

The site is freely available to all and aims to bring the same clarity, simplicity and integrity to an even larger table.

To mark this development, Nonprofit Assist formally declared itself what it had in fact been all along: a social enterprise with a strong social purpose and a focus on service to community and humanity.

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