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The uncharitable nature of charity culture

The uncharitable nature of charity culture: what happens when you don’t drink the Kool-Aid

Recently I spoke with a colleague in the nonprofit sector who had decided to leave the organisation in which she occupied a senior role due to the level of dysfunction ...
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Working in a nonprofit organisation

Working in a nonprofit organisation: the good, the bad and the ugly

A lot of people would like to work for a nonprofit and of course a lot of people already do. So what do people who do work in nonprofit organisations ...
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Coffee, cake and charity

Coffee, cake and charity?

By Vanessa McHardy, MA Integrative Child Psychotherapist and Neil Gamble, Chairman and Director of Companies and Retired CEO. Can we have our cake and eat it? And at what cost ...
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Charities Cold Calling UK

Charities, cold-calling and the nature of giving: just how charitable is it?

By Eunice Minford ~ MA FRCS Ed Consultant Surgeon with an interest in current affairs, transparency, responsibility and accountability in all spheres of life. Last year in the UK we ...
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