About Nonprofit Explore

About Nonprofit Explore

Nonprofit Explore was founded for the express purpose of opening up a full and frank discussion on all aspects of nonprofit life. At this point in its evolution, the activities undertaken by Nonprofit Explore consist of this website and a companion Facebook page and Twitter account. The project is funded by Nonprofit Assist, a social enterprise located in Brisbane, Australia providing professional support services to small-to-medium nonprofit organisations and their people. Nonprofit Research, a section on research related to people and purpose, will also be added to this site in the near future.

Governance and administration

In legal terms, Nonprofit Explore could be said to be an unincorporated association – a group of people coming together for a common purpose. Over time, the organisation will take on a life of its own, adopting a regular company structure. In addition to a team of volunteers working at the operational level, the project enjoys the input of a volunteer advisory board, whose members will assume directorship of the organisation when it incorporates. All will continue to donate their time, skills and expertise to Nonprofit Explore. The decision to one day utilise a structure more typically associated with a for-profit business entity is not reflective of the intent to personally benefit from any activity Nonprofit Explore undertakes now or in the future.

Rather, our purpose in adopting a regular business structure will be three-fold:

  1. To provide Nonprofit Explore with a strong, supportive foundation.
  2. To keep things simple by utilising a commonly-used legal form.
  3. To lead the way by demonstrating that legal structure determines neither integrity nor intent – that it is possible for individuals to come together on a voluntary basis to run an organisation with transparency, without self gain and for a very social purpose – and without the need for a special legal form to prove or ensure it so.

In other words, Nonprofit Explore will be an entirely self-regulating body with no interest in any aim other than the provision of a solid and accessible platform for the exploration of all things nonprofit.

As a hybrid entity – utilising a for-profit form to voluntarily deliver a public good – it will also aim to expand current conceptions of the nonprofit sector, the means by which social projects are delivered, and the how the sector and the organisations in it might look in the future.

Financial management and transparency

As outlined above, the costs involved in administering Nonprofit Explore and developing the site are borne by Nonprofit Assist, and this will continue to be the case post-incorporation. Again then, as now, no director or team member will benefit financially from their involvement in Nonprofit Explore.

It is entirely possible activities other than the production of this website might be developed in the future: these too will be run in line with the aims expressed here. If such activities were to necessitate changes in governance and or administration, they will be communicated in full on these pages.

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