Code of Ethics and Conduct

Code of Ethics and Conduct

Everything Nonprofit Explore does is in line with a Code of Ethics and Conduct that in its whole-of-life approach to service delivery is unique – both in terms of the quality those who abide by it are able to bring, and in the sense it is a code unlike any other.

The Code was developed for the Esoteric Practitioners Association (EPA), a body initially designed to support the practitioners of complementary health modalities developed and taught by Universal Medicine, an Australian-based profit-for-purpose company. However the principles of the Code apply equally to EPA supporter-members working in any industry, and it was on the basis of this wide-ranging applicability that, with permission, we embraced it for use here.

It was however a decision based on much more than this: the principal reason Nonprofit Explore chose to adopt the EPA Code of Ethics and Conduct as the cornerstone of all conduct related to every activity mentioned on this site and in our work and life in general was not only to demonstrate our approach but because we consider it the benchmark for all other Codes and feel it is important it be seen. In short, we know of no other Code in use by any other organisation anywhere in the world that holds its members, officers and employees to the level of accountability described therein.

Put simply, this is not a Code of Conduct that stops at the office door: it is a whole-of-life commitment to living in service to humanity, with the utmost concern for personal and professional responsibility and integrity.

To give you but one example of exactly what this looks like, under the EPA Code not only does one refrain from drinking, taking drugs, using pornography or behaving poorly only while at work, one refrains from doing so at any time any where, whether at work or outside of it.

In other words, Nonprofit Explore, like the EPA, believes our public and private lives are inseparable and, if we issue a claim to work with integrity, this is a claim which – if it is to have any real meaning – needs to be lived well after we’ve clocked off for the day.

Our collective commitment to the principles in the Code means our work on this site is underpinned by this ethos – utmost integrity in all areas of our lives. We encourage all visitors to and participants in this site – especially those with an interest in organisational ethics and policy – to read the EPA Code of Ethics and Conduct in full.