Our philosophy

Our philosophy

Nonprofit Explore is designed to open up discussion on a sector in which much activity abounds but surprisingly little critique takes place.

To this end our editorial team and writers aim to operate without fear or favour, never holding back with the truth of what we have observed as a result of our experiences in and with the sector, be they positive or unpalatable.

However we also operate fairly and with integrity and are ever-mindful, respectful and appreciative of the sector as a whole, the organisations that shape it, and the people who govern, manage or work or volunteer in them, or are served by them.    

In short, we recognise this is a sector in which many of us share a deep love of and concern for humanity. Indeed everything we do is in accordance with a Code of Ethics and Conduct that is second to none in terms of its understanding that integrity is a whole-of-life undertaking to be lived all day every day rather than during working hours only. All team members, to the best of their ability, live in accordance with this principle and Code of Ethics.

Equally, we encourage members of the community to participate in the site with a similar sense of fairness and integrity. Your views, insights, anecdotes and comments are sought and welcome, however we ask that whatever you express it is offered responsibly and respectfully and is first and foremost free of harm.

To this end, given the public nature of the site, we reserve the right to moderate all contributions, for example editing for clarity where needed and removing offensive items where required. For more detailed information see our Comments Policy and Terms and Conditions of Use. If you would like to submit an article for publication without revealing your identity, or information any organisation not already in the public domain, see the section on Confidentiality for guidance on how to do so.