Philosophy and Ethics

Nonprofit Assist Philosophy

The Nonprofit Assist philosophy

Nonprofit Assist exists to serve small to medium organisations wherever they are located in the nonprofit sector and whatever their form – from human service organisations and community support groups, to sporting clubs, P&C associations, industry groups and more.

It does this by:

  • Working with organisations that have a similarly strong interest in serving others, by providing them with a range of professional services designed to assist them to operate with clarity, simplicity and integrity.
  • Supporting individuals – at all levels and in all roles, whether undertaking paid work or volunteering in those organisations – with professional-personal development and support services.
  • Bringing clarity, simplicity and integrity to the nonprofit table, locally and globally, via discussion, information sharing and questioning.
  • Providing services that are fairly and responsibly priced, taking into account the needs of all parties concerned.
  • Providing services with a high level of care, detail and concern for quality.
  • Providing services that are free of charge, including Nonprofit Explore – a global information and discussion portal funded entirely by Nonprofit Assist.
  • Retaining surplus income within the enterprise in order to make all these things happen.

Additionally, all Nonprofit Assist does is in line with a Code of Ethics and Conduct that in its whole-of-life approach to service delivery is unique – both in terms of the quality those who abide by the Code bring to what they do, and in the sense it is a code unlike any other.