Nonprofit Assist Service Portfolio

Nonprofit Assist Services

The Nonprofit Assist service portfolio

Established in 2010 in Brisbane, Australia, Nonprofit Assist is a sole-trader social enterprise established for the express purpose of supporting small-to-medium nonprofit organisations.

The enterprise was founded by Victoria Lister, a uniquely qualified nonprofit specialist who is passionate about supporting people and organisations across the sector. Victoria provides a range of services including:

  • Strategic planning services
  • Annual planning days
  • Service reviews
  • Project reviews
  • Marketing and communications
  • Business writing services
  • Management and change management
  • Human resource management
  • Staff consultation
  • Client consultation
  • Team development
  • Board or management committee development
  • Governance training
  • Professional supervision services
  • Facilitation services
  • Confidential support with sensitive internal issues
  • Well-being and self-care sessions or workshops for individuals and groups.

All Nonprofit Assist services are customisable, flexible and priced with the small-to-medium nonprofit organisation budget in mind. Contact Victoria to arrange a time to discuss your needs over the phone or in person.

Victoria also works with nonprofit people who would prefer to access confidential professional-personal support external to their organisations during times of crisis, change or growth. These sessions are offered at a reduced rate for those paying privately – see the fee schedule for more information.